Crystaldub has its own recording studios, acoustically treated and fully equipped, that allows us to deliver high quality audio production.
We offer the translation and adaptation from English to Latin American Spanish (LAS) and Brazilian Portuguese (BP).
We have an experienced staff of professional actors and directors.
We offer different types of dubbing to suit each project (Lip-Sync / Voice-Over / Synchro / A-Style).
Quality Control (QC): Each project is supervised before starting the process of dubbing and before delivering to our customer.

Subtitling & Closed Caption:

When a text caption provides a translation to another language for a hearing audience, the term “subtitle” is usually used. Subtitles translate only the verbal part of the soundtrack.
The term “captioning” is used when the text is intended for an hearing impaired audience. Sound effects and music are indicated by phrases like “knocking” or “music.”

Crystaldub provides a full range of foreign language subtitling, open and closed captioning services. We provide a complete subtitling solution: we organize, manage, record and deliver your product without any compromise on quality or deadlines. Depending on individual demand and nature of the project our team will give you the best resolution and advice on the most appropriate subtitling project approach.

Post Production:

Crystaldub offers postproduction for feature films, short films, commercials, videoclips and TV shows. We provide a complete postproduction solution: Original Music, Sweetening and Soundtracks (M & E).
Music and effects library.
Linear editing.
Final mix in differents formats.
Quality Control.


Permanent staff of professional translators.
Translation and adaptation of different types of materials.